Monday, June 30, 2008

Los Angeles!

A glimpse through Olives' eyes as she walks through City Walk (June 2008)

"Oh Andy! My hot tub overflooded and ruined my cell phone, my non-fat cappucino maker exploded and ruined my pretty hair and expensive clothes, then the top of my convertible that you bought for me is stuck shut! and now I have a head ache. this is the worst day ever because that's all I do during the day is go in my hot tub, drink cappucino's and drive my convertible. As a helpless and dependent woman I don't have the emotional strength to take conflict like a man and so now I'm drenched in my own tears and self pity. but don't worry Andy I was still able to cook you dinner!"

And of course, if you're a woman and you want to be a super hero you have to have size D breasts, a nice ass and a size zero waist because as a super hero you'll be wearing skimpy out fits and you want to be sure that you look appropriate in them. Men also have to be able to sexualize you in their fantasy in order for you to have any 'super hero' worth because men who enjoy comics are insecure perverted superficial low lifes that fantasize about sexy woman with super powers. Okay maybe not men who enjoy comics, but those old white men who owns Marvel does.

and nothing beats a scary movie than a scary movie with a naked women in it.

and last but not least naked woman magnets with bottle openers as heads.

Jean Kilbourne speaks of our society's tolerance and what will lead later to acceptace of the objectification of women.
ex/ "hahah that's so funny! naked woman magnets with heads as bottle openers"
placing humor on this frightening image and idea accepts it, it accepts the idea and image of a woman in which her body is sexualized on a bottle opener which is an object. I'm no jean kilbourne so I don't make sense go to and get your knowledge on!!!

but overall i had a blast in LA!! =)

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