Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nneka Live

Madcon - Dandelion


In Wales, A teenager that was placed with a family by a social service agency raped and sexually molested two of their children. The teenagers background of sexual molestation was not revealed to the family prior or during the placement.

On the BBC you'll find how apologetic the council of social services is, and they are taking necessary discplinary actions. That's pretty much what takes up the entire article

I'm more curious about how the hell this even happened. Possibly more details about whether or not it's protocol to reveal a teenagers background when being placed, and if so, what happened in this specific situation? What are the factors that influenced the social workers to either 1) not tell the family about the teenagers sexual abuse history, and yes he has one (2) forget to tell the family about the teenagers sexual abuse history, or (3) why they even thought of placing a teenager who has been charged molesting multiple children in a family with two young children.

Sexual violence is a serious thing, and its pervasiveness will affect entire communities.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

artist watch: Theophilus London

sick remix of Solange's Sandcastle (bad quality, sorry)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

wearable porn.

so, the porn industry has many many problems that creates and perpetuates violence against women. So how about wearable porn then? a t-shirt that not only sells sexualized images of nude women, but literally objectifies women in these images... literal objectification, not the concept of objectification that we might see on a societal level, but actual literal objectification where the nude bodies of women are turned into objects, such as "dead weight" or "platter"...(See below) and we all know what that the violent sexual objectification of women leads to.

AND these t shirts come in women sizes too.
and here's their "about me" description from their website:

Two In The Shirt is a fresh new company with a focus on bringing tastefully provocative clothing to the forefront of fashion. The name 'Two In the Shirt' is derived from the acronym T.I.T.S., which is quite fitting considering the nature of the clothing itself.

T.I.T.S. merchandise consists of men's and women's apparel printed with original designs. Each design showcases classy prints of nude or nearly nude women.

"Like a training bra, support T.I.T.S."

I love how they try to stay as neutral as possibly, as if they are completely unaware of the types of images they have on these t shirts, and they don't really give any reason to the purpose of the brand. and they claim their images to be classy... ("showcase classy prints of nude or nearly nude women.") ????

so why does it matter? i mean who actually is aware of the existence of TITS? right?? well besides the fact they have 3250 friends on myspace and a myspace picture album of people wearing their shit... they have also collaborated with karmaloop (whom I will never buy clothes from ever again) on a T shirt... and T-Pain has been spotted sportin their shit.

indie fashion seems as its growing but I feel like I'm seeing a trend of having images of nude or nearly nude women on Tees.... I don't know much about fashion, but I hope to explore more into that. I mean sitting at home from your computer browsing through fashion blogs and online stores, it's hard differentiate between what are actual trends and what might just be trying to be trendy, I mean you can market anything as you'd like online right? But this is really, scary to be honest, the idea of indie fashion trends totally supporting and perpetuating larger societal ills, a little ironic isn't it?

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