Sunday, February 1, 2009


The documentary, "Price of Pleasure" which deconstructs the the porn industry, is available online to watch for FREE. A phenomenal and much needed documentary that I discovered on THIS blog that everyone should look through! they have some good stuff on there!!!

Some favorite quotes from the film...
"Pornography, that which we call a fanstasy in the porn industry is then what we experience in the real world."
From a team of lawyers who work for "sanctuary for families", an organization that legally advocates for DV survivors and their children: " in 70% of the cases involving sexual abuse, pornography is involved."
"The pornographers want you to think after you're done watching porn, you can just zip up your pants, then zip that part of your brain away to proceed with your life, but it doesn't work like that, that part of your brain leaks into every aspect of your life. Porn infiltrates into your consciousness unwantingly."

the film also brought up an incredibly important case, In 2002, Ashcroft vs. Freespeech ammended the Child Pornography Prevention Act of 1996 (which banned child pornography) to allow the simulation of child pornography. So basically visually convincing the audience that a 40 year old man is fucking a 9 year old girl while she's enjoying it is perfectly fine as long as in "real life" its just an 18year old girl who looks 9.

It's an incredibly powerful film.

"Pornography takes violence against women and sexualizes it, when you sexualize violence against women you render the violence invisible."