Wednesday, April 15, 2009

blame it on the al-al-al-al-alcohol

so it's been a minute since we've posted anything. There are a lot of things going on though, lots of "postable" material, including a review on the superhero movie rave Watchmen which I have a lot to say about.. and Afghan's new law that requires Shiite women to sleep with their husband on demand, etc...and a friend notified me of a recent tyra episode where they explore the pressures of boob and ass enhancements for women that often come from their boyfriends.

But what this blog is about is Jamie Fox's recent (Well maybe not recent) song about taking advantage of women when they're drunk (Blame it on the alcohol). As a women, it's happened to me, it's happened to all of us. And to hear about it in a song is disgusting. Unfamiliar with the song? well I've provided some excerpts from the song that, I think, really speak to the point Jamie Fox is trying to get across.

Ay she say she usually don´t

But I know that she front

Cause shawty know what she want

But she don´t wanna seem like she's easyyy

I ain´t sayin what ya wont do

But you know we probably gon do

What you been feeninn deep insiiiide

don´t liiiiee noww

Girl what you drinking?

Go on let it sink in

Here for the weekend thinkin we can

See where we can be if we press fast forward

Just one more round if you´re down I pouring

Fill another cup up

Feelin on yo butt what?

You don´t even care now

Girl I kno you feel good

Just like you look

Couple more shots you open up like a book

I ain´t trippin (cause ima read ya)

Shawty I ain´t trippin (I jus wanna please ya)

This song, and video, is problematic. It further engrains the idea that women are dispensable to a man as he pleases. Just give her a couple of drinks, get her feeling "loose," even if she shows disinterest to you, she actually wants you, she really does, she just doesn't want to appear easy, but of course, regardless of how she's acting, as a man you're convinced, actually, your ego convinces you that deep inside she wants, this justifies your actions, giving you permission to take advantage, like touch her ass, which to your surprise she didn't even notice. (refer to lyrics)

This just continues to perpetuate the idea that a man has entitlement to a women's body, sexually objectifying her. But what's new with club hits right?

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