Thursday, July 23, 2009



Sorry there has been a lack of postings for a week or two. Summer craziness has picked itself up a little bit these past couple of weeks, leaving me a bit distracted and unfocused.

However, this summer we are hoping to add more authors :) enhancing the richness of the blog. Hopefully Etheline will grace us with her reappearance soon too.... she is deeply missed.

Things will pick up soon, a blog is in the works, especially after finding out a good friend of mine is actually interning at TITS. ... hehe.

Hope the summer is serving everyone well!

Also, if anyone knows of someone who has survived sexual violence in any form, share this blog with them. One of the most beautiful thing someone who lives a life of tragedy can experience is an understanding of the cause of their sorrow. With sexual violence, because we live in a world that silences and isolates survivors, a survivors understanding of their own experience is usually painful and lonely. Sometimes healing can be done through hearing the stories of other survivors. In a survivor documents her journey with poems, and short passages. The reason I post that here is cause while I know this blog doesn't get much traffic, it still gets a little traffic, and you never really know.

Many of those that I love are survivors, and the scariest thing about this culture we live in is that it prevents survivors to bond together through their experiences, instead, while living in close proximity with one another they are isolated and separated by walls of shame, pain, guilt, and self-doubt. Therapy alone doesn't heal, it takes communites to dedicate themselves to social change, and we do need to reach a place where we care about the experiences of those around us, survivors or not.

and this spoken word poem below is by far my favorite I've ever seen performed, and I've seen her perform this one three times.

<3 olives.

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