Thursday, December 4, 2008

the anit-intellectual feminist movement

After going through older entries, I cam across this comment from this post:

i think, in my opinion, why people cannot take most feminist views with any seriousness is because (to me) it's EXTREMELY anti-intellectual. to put it even more bluntly, a lot of what's being said on behalf of feminism sounds like a lot of whining, not well thought out argumentation.i personally can't take any position seriously when logic is replaced with pure passion and citations from "authority."

this comment is almost laughable. Anti-intellectual? Pure passion?...what I think he was really trying to say was that feminists were too emotional about how they were victimized which inhibits all their ability to think on any rational or logic level. basically a lot of women got pissed and created a movement out of it. I never thought I'd ever be quoting Dinesh D'Souza, but as he would say, I think the train has left that station. Most that currently criticize the feminist movement don't use that sort of naive and uneducated criticisms anymore. Cause, like I said, it's straight up laughable.

Most universities, that is, a hub for people to engage in intellectual thought, HAVE a women studies department. SO is it really "rational" and "logical" to claim that a university would spend money on an academic department that was thought to be "anti-intellectual?" and even looking at the bigger picture of feminism, I don't really see how breaking down the systemic ways that women have been historically oppressed in this country is anti-intellectual. This requires connecting complex theories with empricial data to make sense of the fucked up social fabrication of this culture. Oops, I said "fucked up," is that an illustration of my emotions inhibiting my ability to articulate myself, forcing me to resort to elementary curse words.

Why separate your mind and heart? Why not have an emotional concern about what intellectual thought your mind takes in?

Here is an example of Intellectual thought at it's finest, Erykah Badu breakin it down on how to make it in the music business as a women. I know I already put up this video but it's just ooooo gooooooodddd


Garrett said...

SO is it really "rational" and "logical" to claim that a university would spend money on an academic department that was thought to be "anti-intellectual?"

Yes. Some universities probably would spend money on it to keep with affirmative action and also as a marketing ploy to NOT seem against a group. Hence, rational and logical to improve (you may not agree with the word choice of improve) a University by funding/allowing something they may not believe in. Example: Seattle University a Roman Catholic university allowing the Vagina Monologues on campus.

Christian "Ian" Paredes said...


i'm not totally appreciative for the fact that you brought up my awkwardness, neil strauss, etc. etc. but anyway, read my response, see what you think.