Friday, December 5, 2008

my response to a blog in response to my post that was in response to a comment..

Keeping an open and honest dialogue is important, even if my past couple of posts maybe have suggested otherwise.

So first off, my blog post in response to this comment which led to this response which has led to this post..... I feel there may have been a bit of a misunderstanding from the beginning. First off, my own personal approach to this blog, and I speak for myself not for both Etheline and myself, is that this blog, for me, is not an Academic Blog. I have not taken any Women Studies courses, I haven't studied and/or researched feminist theories in academic settings. This blog is simply about my own personal interpretations of feminism as it relates to my day to day life with the idea that any woman can choose to relate to feminism with or without academic knowledge.

I apologize from my strong reaction, but found it difficult to openly accept the criticism that most feminist views are anti-intellectual being placed on this blog, I felt like that comment alone was not offering much for dialogue. At this point, I feel as if myself and Christian are in a different place with our understandings of feminism.

With that said I do plan to respond to Christian's response, in reading his response I still disagree with the idea of most mainline feminism being anti-intellectual, but I may have to do a little research on my own before I can offer a well thought out response.

But for now, thank you Christian for offering your insights on our blog, although it may not have seem like it, it's much appreciated.

In the Mean time... who picked up Q-Tip's newest album "The Renaissance" ? I was never big on A tribe Called Quest, never really got into hip-hop till a couple years ago, and I still wouldn't consider myself a hip-hop head cause I don't live and breathe it. But hip-hop makes up a large part of the songs on my itunes and I have mad respect for it's culture and the music that comes from it. Anyway, I hardly fall for celebrities, but I first fell for Q-Tip, with out really knowing who he was when I watched one of Spike Lee's worst films "She Hates Me."


I think it was the black framed glasses that got to me haha. Anyway, I'm really enjoying his newest album, "The Renaissance."
We Fight/We Love ft. Raqhael Saadiq - Q--Tip



Christian "Ian" Paredes said...

excellent, i'm thinking about what i've said before, and my current views on the entirety of postmodern/poststructuralist critique (which, to me, seems to be the central doctrine in feminism.) i'll shore up a post about those views within (hopefully) the next few days, and you'll see why my replies and posts have been fairly... "closed minded."

but i appreciate this post quite a bit, and i'm always up for a good discussion about these kinds of things.

Angel said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, q-tip's glasses