Sunday, May 4, 2008

Oh damn!

Just had to share:

So, I am a member of this website called Shelfari where you can post the books you've read or want to read and share them with other people, get reccommendations, etc. One part of the site is to read and write reviews of the books on your "shelf" and I got an email with the tag line "see what other people are saying about the books on your shelf!" and just in passing I saw that a person had written this yesterday about "To Kill a Mockingbird":

quoth says
Agree with almost every word of most of your post, indrani. Except this part: "Gives you a picture of the real America (I have never been there)". The book depicts a very prejudiced period of America. Very true and realistic given the time period and setting. Thank God, however, most areas of our country has "grown up" since then. We've got much more growing to do , of course. But it is a "period piece", keep in mind. :)

Is this person for real? Yes, thank God we are out of the prejudiced period of America! I would have hated to live at a time when people were discriminated against based on race, class, gender, ability, or any of those things. We are so lucky! And what's with the fuckin smiley face? As in, here's my last condescending sentence where I talk down to you like a child and spray bullshit about grown-up america that is so distant from the terrible (almost unimaginable, since they happened so long ago) things depicted in "To Kill a Mockingbird," and I'm going to tack a smiley face on the end of it just to really bring home the greasy idiocy of my opinions.

Hell no!


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