Thursday, May 1, 2008

Christo couldn't wrap all the funky fun in our blog!

These are some art installations by Christo. Basically he and his wife wrap huge things like bridges and islands and trees in fabric. It's sweet.

Anyway, first things first, my condolences to Olives for being demoted to a blog that, instead of promoting cool local artists, is 50% only promoting me. This is all very good from my end of things though, because Olives is way funnier than I am and can maintain the integrity of this blog while I laugh at her video posts.

Yes, Olives really is condescending to blog with someone who can't even make brown paint. Isn't brown the color you always accidently get when you're trying to make dark red or dark green and then you get pissed off because you were trying to paint something besides a piece of wood or a picture of me featuring my hair? I'm over it.
Well...that's it. You bad, Olives!

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