Tuesday, August 18, 2009

rey ortega

- Grow- by Rey Ortega

finals have ended for summer school finally, while it didn't really end with a bang, except maybe the bang of my electricity going out at 12:10 AM while I was taking my online final...but nonetheless I am DONE! and will never be taking 16 credits during the summer ever again, unless I absolutely have to.

But now, I can definitely start tackling the long to do list that has been sitting at my desk for about a month and a half. Starting with paying my internet bill that was due today, but I forgot the answer to my security question to get into my online account... but anyway.

Rey Ortega.

Ortega had a featured artist profile in the August 09 edition of a magazine called Juxtapoz (http://www.juxtapoz.com/)

Below is what was featured with his profile and below is an excerpt from his profile.

"Even though I draw weird monsters and such, I feel like my works are deeply personal, even embarrasingly so. " - Rey Ortega

You can almost sense the level of vulnerability through such an imaginative character. I have a strong curiosity as it is, so I think his work really taps into my imagination as I begin to wonder about these characters and monsters he creates. the characters always seems to be captured at an intriguing level of embarassment, confusion and vulnerability. I suppose I can relate to those kinds of emotions pretty strongly.




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